Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra

You reach your secluded hiding place and watch the rest of the fish go by you feel safer alone and protected, from here you can venture out when it is safe to feed and come back and be secure and secretive.You are starting to feel a bit hungry though so Do you hide and remain quiet darting out to hunt using your speed, agility and cunning to catch prey or do you feeel tough and able to rely on your slow and powerful tail and formidable armour to protect you when you head out to eat?

Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra


The Museum is open 7 days per week

(Xmas Day and morning of Anzac Day excepted)

10 AM to 4 PM. Other times by arrangement.

age of fishes museum

129 Gaskill Street

Canowindra NSW 2804

Tel: 02 6344 1008